How do we know if the services we provide really improve the lives of the people we work with? How do we know if the people we work with are satisfied their experience of our work and / or our service?

The obvious answer is to ask them.

It is generally held that the reason services exist is to make the lives of the people they serve better. However, it is not always easy for services to know if the support they provide is optimal or even effective. It’s also difficult for funders to know if people are satisfied with the services they are funding.

The National Disability Coordination Officer Program is an Australian Government funded program aimed at addressing the barriers faced by people with a disability in participating and transitioning into further education and subsequent employment.

The NDCO seeks to improve coordination and collaboration across the sectors, and build the capability of the sector to support people with a disability, through sharing information and advice on services, events or workshops, and supporting collaborative community partnerships.

The WorkForce Council have funded a Disability Sector Community of Practice, facilitated by the Mind Company, to collaboratively improve provision of care to people with a disability in Queensland. The Community of Practice runs from October to Marc

This forum will be monitored twice weekly to encourage participants to share ideas on how to achieve improvements within the disability sector.   This is a private forum, and participants are welcome to make contributions, ask and answer questions from within the group.

Reflections and thoughts are also welcome.

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