The Sector Readiness and Workforce Capacity Initiative supports Queensland’s community sector to prepare for coming reforms, improve service delivery for clients and communities, and work towards a stronger disability and community sector.  

The community services industry is undergoing significant transformation. The industry has demonstrated expertise in identifying and responding to client and community need, but is now facing new challenges, such as an ageing population, workforce shortages, sector-wide reforms, technological advances and economic uncertainty.

The rapid pace of change taking place in the industry is creating significant challenges and opportunities for organisations. These include:

  • new models such as place-based approaches and person centred care
  • the move of funding control from the organisation to the individual
  • the move from input to outcome and ultimately impact measurement and the associated shift to results-based funding
  • important reforms being formulated and implemented in areas like disability, child safety, homelessness, mental health, community mental health and aged care services
  • demographic shifts such as the ageing population and the growth in population in terms of number, age and diversity
  • the community’s changing expectations about their growing needs for care.

 It is becoming increasingly important that the industry make short, medium and long term plans to address these challenges.


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