A network for practitioners in Brisbane who want to pass the BATN of applied theatre between themselves and among the community.


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Brisbane-based organisations 
Applied Theatre Projects through Griffith Uni - projects run with involvement of students/lecturers at the uni, but there is the potential for outside involvement...
Brisbane Playback Theatre - Playback Theatre is a unique improvisional theatre with no script. The material for the performance comes from the audience. Assisted by the conductor, who holds a performance, people in the audience share moments and stories from their lives, which are then immediately re-enacted or "played back" spontaneously by a troupe of usually four actors and a muscian.
Backbone Youth Arts - run workshops with young people in theatre, a youth arts festival and also generally have one or two community projects on the boil.
Red Thread stories - uses stories and theatre as a means of community engagement
The Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble - has facilitated 4 prison projects ('06, '09, '10, '11) using Theatre of the Oppressed methods and Shakespeare performance. QSE offers occasional TO training to the public including a regular week-long intensive training.
EDGE Improv performs regularly and gives public classes in basic and 'long-form' improvisation, including Harold-style performance

Other Australia-based organisations 
Community Development Queensland - not specifically theatre, but the network for those doing community work.
Third Way Theatre - Melbourne
Milk Crate Theatre in Sydney - does theatre with homeless and disadvantaged people, attached to Darlinghurst Theatre company.
Big hART - do community arts projects all over Australia.
Ngapartji Ngapartji in Alice Springs - a theatre and a traditional language preservation project with the traditional owners of the area.
Crossroad Arts in Mackay - does theatre with diverse communities
Women's Circus in Melb - again not specifically theatre but they have some great models to look at about creating performance with 'non-professional performers'
Urban Theatre Project in Sydney - does a number of community partnership shows

International Applied Theatre organisations: 
International Theatre of the Oppressed Organisation - the link to all the stuff steming out of Augusto Boal's work.
IDEA - an international Drama/Theatre and Education Association
In Place of War - documents projects from around the world that create theatre in place of war.
ARROW - Using art as a resource for reconciliation all over the world.
Theatre for a Change - works in Africa (but from UK) theatre about HIV prevention
National Association of Youth Theatres (NAYT) - shows Youth Theatre companies all over the UK. A resource for UK.

Future Trust - a European charity supporting the use of arts with young people to alievate conflict.
Makhampom Community Theatre in Thailand
Fallen Leaves Theatre Company 
Headlines Theatre in Canada - inspired by Boal's adapted to become "theatre for living"
Stage Left Productions Calgary, Canada - a TO registered trainer and do lots of work with people with a disability.
Geese Theatre in the UK - does work in prisons
Cardboard Citizens and Exeter Forum Theatre in the UK - theatre with homeless young people
Contact - UK, Manchester, theatre with young people
Wolf and Water - UK, work with a range of groups
Oval House Theatre - in London, has a strong arts education arm doing work with refugees and school dropouts
PAN Intercultural Arts - UK based, arts for social change
Clean Break - UK, theatre with womyn who've been through the criminal justice system.
The Lawnmovers Independent Theatre Co - in UK, specialise in theatre with people who have learning disabilities.
Banner Theatre Company - UK, one of Britain's longest established community theatre companies
People's Palace - Uk, about art that makes a difference in people's lives (strong links with Brazil
Theatre Fforwm Cymru in Wales - use Theatre of the Oppressed techniques with a range of communities
Bournemouth TIE - UK, a theatre company that goes into schools that is part of the local Bournemouth city council.
Graeae Theatre - in London, theatre with/by people with disabilities
Immediate Theatre - in London, uses drama as a tool for social engagement
arepp: Theatre for Life - South African company that use theatre to educate about HIV/AIDS
Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed - Canada, run international conference yealy.
CAT in New York - Applied theatre with schools.
Centre for Theatre of the Oppressed and Applied Theatre Arts, LA - Los Angeles, they hold free workshops
Fringe Benefits - Los Angeles, US based company that does applied theatre with schools and communities.
Mantle of the Expert - an international group focusing on this drama technique.

Resource links 
Forum Theatre Dvds (available to get via the network)
The Applied Improvisation Network is a great resource for lots of stuff including the business-ey side of applied impro
Creative Resources for Coexistance and Reconcilliation 
Drama tool - an international network that has conferences listed and links to more arts orgs
British Council's list of companies using theatre (and other art forms) with communities. also there is a schools arts connecting site lonsas
Understanding all the conferences... 
dramaticengagement - Another ning network for drama educators interested in sharing ideas, research, methodologies and projects about the concept of 'engagement'
Intercultural dialouge through the arts and culture
creative drama - list of some drama games
Kadmus Arts - lists international festivals

Journals related to applied theatre work 
IDEA Journal: Applied Theatre Researcher
RiDE: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance.
Music and Arts in Action (MAiA) - obviously has a broader than theatre/drama focus