Hi Everyone,

You may have received email advice of being added to this online network group. At some stage or another you would have met with or crossed paths with Theresa Madson and I as the newly appointed National Disability Coordination Officers (NDCO) representing South East Queensland.

In an attempt to reach across our large combined regions we have decided to utilise this fantastic networking tool provided by QCOSS. Many of you will be familiar with Community Door, and some of you may not. We will be using Community Door to post notifications of events, workshops or other activities across South East Queensland in relation to disability, transitions and pathways to education and employment. As part of this group, this gives you the power to post and share information that you may be aware of in your area or sector to all the other group members.

Ideally, this will then help to address any knowledge gaps for people as well as enable you to become involved in something that may be happening close to you, whether it be a project partnership opportunity, event or workshop.

Please share with your networks the link to this network space to help build and encourage the success of this group.

National Disability Coordination Officers Regions 18 & 19 http://networks.communitydoor.org.au/networks

Thank you!

Alisha Larkin

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