According to the site Christmas Countdown there are less than 78 days until Christmas!

Yes I screamed as well. Where has this year gone? More importantly, how fast is next year going to go?

I am looking forward to meeting many of you for the first time, or catching up with you. I know that you know that the next meeting is October 15 at 22 Qualtrough Street Woolloongabba. However I just want to point out also that the next meeting will be earlier due to end of year commitments. It will be November 26th at 1.00 pm. I think it’s going to have to include a bit of Christmas celebration as well as a review of the future of this network for 2016. How can we assist you to interact with the Network other than attending the meetings? I thought I might tell you a little about a network I belonged to in South Australia in the Hills that had been going for over 25 years and had a strong following and taught me how successful a network can be.

As I said it was in the Adelaide Hills, an area that did not receive a huge amount of funding, but had a wide range of programs across many areas. The network has been going strong and still is for over 30 years now (25 the year I left in 2008). It had a very formal structure, but nothing that was a burden to everyone, but everyone wanted to be a part of it anyway they could.

For instance, yes there are the roles of chairperson, secretary and so on, but they also had a few positions to share the role over more people. For instance they had a person who took responsibility for booking guest speakers, one to research new memberships and programs. one to produce a newsletter, one to gather information, someone who took responsibility to set up the meeting, one person to follow up.

As well as the info round and presentations, we also had time for new programs and people to introduce themselves and become a formal part of the network. Then when there was no meeting, someone would take responsibility to share information about a range of issues such as upcoming training to ensure the training session was full, new programs and so on.

Once a year we were also encouraged to think about why you were a member of the network and what you hoped to gain from being a part of the network. All interesting questions!

So how about we gather some information about why you are a member and what you hope to gain out of this network. Also what topics/presenters you would like to have discussed or visit us next year and bring this along with your goodies to share for the last meeting of the year. If you cannot make it, you are also welcome to provide feedback and information for me to share with the group. I know MCH has some exciting things planned for 2016 that may be of interest to many of your local clients!



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