QCOSS is conducting a survey on electricity and gas issues and we'd love to get your feedback.

The aim of the survey is to find out more about your experiences in the community sector and those of your clients in relation to electricity and gas bills.

We'd like to find out: What are the emerging issues for your clients? and What resources do you and your organisation need to assist clients who are struggling with energy costs?

This feedback will help inform our policy and advocacy work and will help us to develop resources that will be useful for you and your clients.

Feedback from last year's survey helped us to develop the content for our Energy Literacy workshops and webinars. The survey also gave us valuable information to inform our advocacy. We included data from last year's survey in a range of presentations and submissions, including our submission to the Queensland Productivity Commission Inquiry into Electricity Prices which you can view here.

You can access the survey here and typically it should take only 5-10 minutes to complete.