Electricity Network Transformation Roadmap – National Webinar


Given your important role in representing customer and societal interests -- which must be at the very heart of Australia’s electricity future -- I wanted to personally ensure that you and your team had visibility of the Electricity Network Transformation Roadmap webinar of next Thursday.  As you will be aware, this Roadmap project is being undertaken as a partnership between CSIRO and the Energy Networks Association.


Australia in the global spotlight


As Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO interacts with many electricity thought-leaders around the world.  As we engage on the topic of electricity futures and the transformational forces now unfolding, I am personally reminded – almost daily – that Australia is seen as one of the places where the future of electricity is being created before our eyes.  From the United States to India to Scandinavia, the Australian electricity transformation is a topic of considerable interest.


Given the scale of transformation it is all the more critical that the $1,000 Billion (TOTEX) Australian’s will invest to 2050 in customer-side and grid-side electricity solutions delivers maximum customer and societal value.  The sheer pace of Australia’s ‘highly distributed’ energy transformation may also provide fertile opportunities for our nation to develop new industries, jobs and export opportunities. 


Navigating the transformation together


In December 2015, Stage 1 of the Electricity Network Transformation Roadmap project delivered the Interim Program Report and Future Grid Forum – 2015 Refresh.  These two documents provide a robust customer-orientation and quantitative baseline that underpin all Stage 2 activities of the Roadmap project. 


Recognising the level of broad community and industry engagement in Stage 1, next Thursday’s webinar will provide a detailed overview of the Stage 2 activities to deliver an evidence-based Roadmap late in 2016 designed to guide the transformation of Australia’s electricity networks.  Importantly, a full overview of opportunities for stakeholder participation in Stage 2 will be provided during the webinar.


Webinar details and registration


We would welcome your participation in this event and registration details are provided below:


·         ​​Date: Thursday 5th May 2016


·         Time: 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm AEST


·         Webinar Registration


Finally, may I personally thank you for interest in Stage 1 of this nationally significant program of work.  The entire project team and I sincerely value the opportunity of collaborating with you and your team through the remainder of 2016.