The TIS National Real Estate Agencies Pilot has recently been expanded to include more areas of new settlement. The pilot aims to assist newly arrived humanitarian entrants and permanent residents to independently navigate the private residential property market. An evaluation of the extended real estate agencies Pilot (the Pilot), which ran from October 2011 until 30 June 2013, determined the Pilot was effectively meeting its objective.

Registering for the TIS National Real Estate Agencies Pilot
Any licensed real estate agency who are located in an eligible areas of new settlement can now self-register with TIS National for free phone interpreting services. Eligible areas of new settlement are found in all capital cities, major regional cities and some rural areas where newly arrived permanent residents and particularly humanitarian entrants are settling. The locations of the eligible areas of new settlement are available online, by postcode, at

Real estate agents located in an eligible area can register for the TIS National phone interpreting services using the online client registration form at

Non-English speaking Australian citizens and permanent residents may also call TIS National directly on 131 450 and ask to be connected to a registered real estate agency via an interpreter. The interpreting services are provided to the non-English speaker and the real estate agency free of charge.

Effective date
The expanded Pilot will run until 30 June 2015.

Further information
More information about the TIS National Real Estate Agencies Pilot is available online at