Many Languages One Voice is a campaign led by Professionals Australia (formerly APESMA) together with their members who are Interpreters and Translators across Australi. The campaign is working to achieve the following objectives: 

  • For the general community to value the work undertaken by Translators and Interpreters (T/Is) 
  • An industry-based approach to addressing the fundamental issues and challenges for T/Is 
  • Work within the established framework and processes of undustrial law to provide protection and improved pay and conditions for T/Is
  • To ensure agencies support the work of T/Is in a fair and appropriate way 
  • To ensure that government is an informed purchaser of Translating and Interpreting services 
  • To address the issue of deprofessionalisation 
  • To reinforce processional identify of Translators and Interpreters 
  • To ensure the skills of Translators and Interpreters are up-to-date by access to continuing professional development 
  • To provide support and mentoring for those entering the profession 
  • To provide clarity around employee/contractor status 
  • To ensure a sustainable profession which can meet the needs of the community

Lost in Translation, a report they have developed clearly summarises some critical workforce issues experienced by Translators and Interpreters. Click here to download report.

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